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Winning Handicappers specializes in providing winning picks on sports; including NFL, MLB, NBA, and college football and basketball winners. At Winning Handicappers we specialize in nfl picks, college basketball picks, nba picks, and College football picks. We WILL increase your online betting winning percentage. Give us a try for FREE. Call now for your free pick.

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Sports Handicapping Info: The Secret to Success

Why Our Betting System Works

People all over the world ask us how we have been so successful for over 18 years!!!!!  We are finally going to let everyone in on our secret to success and the success of our members with our money management system guidelines.  If you follow our guidelines on a daily basis and always speak closely with one of our sports representatives then your chances of success in sports wagering will increase substantially.

  1. Never play more on a game than you have, the problem we see is that people often play on a dream and not within their means and budget.  People fall into debt quickly and find it impossible to come back.
  2. Always play straight up, all of the outsiders will tell you to play parlays, teasers, etc.  These are all sucker plays that fall into the trap of the casinos.  Don’t fall into their trap!
  3. For the first 20 games that one of our experienced handicappers advises you on, always play the same amount for each game.  If you play more on one game and less on another, you will never keep within a consistent budget and once again, you will fall into the casino trap!
  4. Never wager on more than one game at a time.  Once you start playing more than one game, your chances of winning will decrease and again, you will fall into the trap of the casino.
  5. Do not play every day.  People that play every day do not have a good chance of winning.  Pinpoint your spots and have good common sense about what you are doing.   Just because a game is on national television does not mean that it is the right game to play.
  6. Always stay consistent and organized and you will reach your goals.

Follow these important steps and sign up for our daily picks!